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Biomechanical considerations in solving demanding cases

March 28, 2019

The predictability of dental implant osseointegration has enabled clinicians and researchers to focus on additional success criteria in the overall treatment. Initial assessments of implant therapy considered survival rates, restoration stability, detectable bone loss and presence of soft-tissue infection. As implant dentistry advanced, it was necessary to introduce new assessment points in order to broaden the understanding of favourable outcomes and pending failures. These included aesthetics, evaluated by both patients subjectively and clinicians objectively. A more patient-centred approach has led to a better insight into patient satisfaction, which was often overlooked in the past.

Implant retreatment

February 20, 2019

When working with dental implants, a number of specific rules must be followed regarding both the implant surgery and the prosthesis itself (fixed protheses tending to have a more favourable prognosis than overdentures). If these rules are not adhered to, the results are often unsatisfactory, requiring retreatment. In such cases, and despite the patient’s desire to quickly forget the previous treatment, a very strict protocol must be followed, specifically concerning the length of healing periods. Despite an increase in the overall treatment duration, this will ensure success of each stage of treatment. The implant retreatment case outlined in this article will emphasise these different stages in this type of clinical situation.

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