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Contemporary Dental Whitening via Ionic Technology

Dental whitening procedures provide a minimally invasive solution for esthetic dentistry, and have changed treatment options in achieving optimal and natural-looking outcomes for patients.

There are many different materials and techniques available to accomplish this task, from over-the-counter to in-office delivery systems. In-office systems have been an attractive option for the patients and practitioners seeking immediate results. However, there are many draw backs to in-office systems that have lead practitioners to move away from this option. These challenges within the profession have motivated manufacturers to develop alternative approaches to provide a predictable outcome without the common side effects of in-office bleaching systems. Participants will learn:
  • Understand the whitening mechanism of action
  • Discover how to make informed treatment decisions based on the individual needs of the patient
  • Implement a predictable and efficient in-office system empowered by the new ionic technology
  • Understand soft-tissue management during in-office whitening procedures
  • Review the economic advantages of the new technologies
  • Discuss the value-added components for dental practitioners

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