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Diving into digital full-mouth implant rehabilitation

Full-arch implant rehabilitation with immediate loading workflow will be introduced, utilizing a digital approach for treatment planning, prosthetic design and implant surgical procedures.

Implant dentistry has developed for decades. With the improvement of surface treatment and the advancement of guided bone regeneration, surgical considerations of implant placement have evolved from bone-driven to prosthetic-driven. When treating patients with failing dentition, precision of implant placement is always challenging owing to lack of solid intra-oral anatomical landmarks. A stereolithographic guide has been widely used in full-mouth implant rehabilitation for better accuracy of implant placement. However, difficulties are frequently encountered, such as stabilization of the guide, limited range of mouth opening and cooling systems of the drill, which could potentially jeopardize its utilization. Implant navigation systems serve as another treatment modality in providing precision in the surgical phase. They are particularly beneficial for the treatment of full-arch implant rehabilitation with immediate loading.   The integration of treatment planning utilizing digital tools and the clinical application of implant navigation systems will be discussed in this lecture.   Learning objectives:  
  1. Interdisciplinary treatment planning for failing dentition will be discussed with intervention of analogue and digital approaches.  
  2. A digital workflow using implant navigation for treatment of full-arch implant rehabilitation will be introduced.  
  3. Clinical procedures of full-arch implant rehabilitation with immediate loading will be presented step by step.  

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