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implants international No. 2, 2022

Cover / Editorial / Content / How clean do sterile implants have to be? - Analysis and clinical relevance of factory-related contaminations / Complex rehabilitation of periodontally compromised dentition / Fabrication of a screw-retained implant-supported maxillary restoration - A completely digital workflow / Rehabilitation of a failing central incisor - A periodontal and restorative success formula / Interdisciplinary approach to treating the aesthetic zone in a young patient - A clinical case report / Prosthetic rehabilitation with short GTB implants - A case report with nine-year follow-up / Immediate restoration of an edentulous upper jaw / Delayed immediate implant placement and direct soft-tissue management - A 12-month follow-up / Internview: New directions in implantology—where is the journey heading? / Manufacturer news / Intensive implantology that inspires—now for the whole world! / Events / Imprint /