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The Dutch Society for Periodontology (NVvP) ParoNextGen

November 22, 2019, Netherlands - Bussum

The Dutch Society for Periodontology (NVvP) ParoNextGen

New classification All generations

With the arrival of the new EFP classification for periodontal diseases, a new era is starting for periodontology. After all, this classification is based on the scientific insight that periodontology is more than just a gum problem. As a dental care provider, this requires a helicopter view in which you can link the periodontal status of your patient to his overall health, local and systemic risk factors and lifestyle. PARO NEXTGEN so. The periodontists and dental hygienists in our country are expected to start working according to this new classification next year. What does this classification entail? How do you adjust your referrals? What does this mean for your diagnosis and reports?


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