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Oral biofilm management: New technologies and methods

This webinar is dedicated to clinicians interested in learning and improving their knowledge concerning clinical management of oral biofilm using a combination of air polishing and power scaling systems.

During the live webinar, participants will be introduced to the most recent and up-to-date information about oral biofilm management and its crucial role for preserving and recovering the patient’s oral health. The expert will discuss new methods, technologies and materials that can really help the clinicians to better perform the procedures both in nonsurgical periodontal treatments and preventative procedures to the benefit of their patients. Furthermore, he will describe different specific clinical applications and indications for the combined use of technologies based on advanced air polishing and power scaling systems and how to integrate these clinical procedures in daily practice, assuring less invasive/painful treatments and more accurate, customized and comfortable experiences for both the patient and the clinician. The last section of the webinar will be dedicated to the emerging problems related to the COVID-19 infectious agent, which now represents a global challenge in cross-contamination management for the general health safety inside the dental offices.

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