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Decision Making – Immediacy or Not?

The primary goals of implant treatment, as defined by Buser and coworkers, are successful treatment outcome, high predictability, good long-term stability and low complication rate. These goals ensures the benchmarking of a specific protocol or product.

The secondary goals of implant treatment are fewest possible number of surgical interventions, low pain and morbidity during healing, short healing periods and short overall treatment time. These goals ensure that we also take into account the patient experience when choosing the appropriate individual treatment approach. Does immediate treatment protocols really offer a chance to obtain both the primary and secondary goals? By the end of this Webinar you will:
  • Understand the difference between conventional and immediate protocols
  • Understand the benefits and limitations of the different approaches
  • Know more about case selection for immediate procedures
  • Understand the needs for introducing immediate protocols in your clinical practice

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